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A.L. Wilson – Isle of Illusions

Isle of Illusions (Haunted Case Files Book 1) - A. L. Wilson

Reviewer: Rich

Genre: M/M Mystery


This title is the first in series of “Haunted Case Files” by A.L. Wilson. This novella was self published.

It is well written, well plotted and does not suffer from bad editing or typos that has befallen many of self published works. The two main characters Cyrus, a black vampire and Dr. Lorenz Maissner, an alcoholic with OCD, are a very unlikely combination. Lorenz is forced into collaborating with the Nazis performing medical experimentation. In addition to his other issues, he has an extreme case of PTSD. Frequently Lorenz can barely function. Cryus, deeply in love, deals well with Lorenz’ problem but does come across as co- dependent. That being said; there is a strong bond between the two that enable them not only to cope but to prosper.

The mystery at the center of the story is well crafted and reaches a satisfactory denouement.

I eagerly anticipate the future offerings in the series.


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