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Cooper Davis – King Undone

A King Undone - Cooper Davis

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre: M/M Fantasy


Review: This is a novel about being true to yourself and taking a second chance at happiness in the arms of a man, despite the obstacles being thrown in your way. The author weaves a tale of a purely physical agreement for sexual favors in the bed of the king for the term of one year. But unbeknownst to these two characters they are about to be taken on a ride of requited love and secret rendezvous that will take them from the king’s castle to the country estate of dukes and duchesses.

The chemistry between the two main characters is both charming and flirtatious with just enough passion to find them both adorable. While the teacher sometime becomes the student, the student also becomes the teacher in this story. Though both characters harbor concerns and deep regrets, they try to work through them together to become happy in their relationship.

The plot moved rather quickly and is driven by secondary characters, which are well developed and essential to the novel. Throw in a privy council, a loving father out to protect his only son’s happiness and you have the making of a wonderful story.

My only concern was the abrupt ending and the cliff hanger awaiting the sequel. Which I look forward to with bated breath.

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