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Victoria Zagar – Written In Stone

Written In Stone (New World Rising) (Volume 1) - Victoria Zagar

Reviewer: Richard

Genre: M/M Dystopian Political Thriller


This title is the first in the series: New World Rising. The New World Rising is a companion series to Culture Wars.

I was impressed with the author skill in creating a view point of a time in the future with the same issues we face today. In many respects time seemed to stand still for 200 years. A vastly degraded educational system, decades old economic malaise and a continuing battle for the soul of the country has broke up the former United States into its constituent parts.

The focus of this book is the gubernatorial election in Florida which pits the force against each other. The political divide is well developed. Neither candidate is without flaws. The political tension reaches a fever pitch when the conservative candidate publicly comes out of the closet, faces an assassination attempt by his supporters and a liberal candidate who is ultimately elected resigns from office. The replacement conservative candidate upon being told he is being cast adrift by the party

This book is fast paced, well written and left me wanting to read more. So much so, that I will be reading the Culture War titles and reviewing

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