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V.L. Locey – Early to Rise

Early to Rise (Toms & Tabbies Tales) - V.L. Locey

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary, Humor


Review: All I have to say is – I SO wish Richard the Rotten had gotten what was coming to him. What a complete boorish jerk! His reason for leaving Simon at the altar was absolutely ridiculous and I wanted to slap him. As Simon himself says, “Richard still had his penis attached, so you know, all things considered”, he’s doing pretty well. Still mortifying, however.


When the humiliation of being stood up at the altar leads to an alcoholic binge (we can’t do ice cream because who wants a guy with a fat butt?), Simon gets to work and the encounter with his supervisor (Ponderosa? That made me laugh) is just the straw that breaks Simon’s back. Enough, over, done.


It’s a random encounter with a pretty girl that makes Simon decide to make a huge change. Okay, first off his idea of a “clean break” is to envision himself hetero, which the “mere thought made me shudder.” So, no, that isn’t going to work. But she gives him something to think about – go back to the place you were happiest as a child and restart from there. For Simon, that is Uncle Tiberius’ farm.


Off he goes, to be a farm hand in Elderberry Grove and hopefully feel whole again. Of course, it starts with him getting stuck in his car due to his cat, Sambuca, and having to be rescued by a hunky guy (with a pig in the truck, don’t ask). There is an editing error here, at least I hope it’s an error, that was hilarious for me. Instead of “his left leg planted between my splayed thighs”, it was written, “spayed thighs”. Considering the content of the book, that had me laughing out loud.


Let’s mention that V.L. Locey has humor that just works on so many levels for me. It’s funny without being parody and sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s just joyously out there. Simon “attempting to scour the mental picture of her womanly gates” from his head? I could totally picture him doing that!


Simon gets a job with the local vet, Gentry, because his current receptionist, Jemma, is so very pregnant. The scene when she comes out of the doorway in pain? Again, laughed out loud. “Silly men.” Jemma is another secondary character who is awesome.

And so begins the story of Simon, Tiberius, Queenie and Gentry. It’s so worth reading because it’s just so happy. The bumps in the road aren’t big, well, a goose-broken nose is something, I guess, so the book isn’t angsty or dark. It’s adorable, light and sweet. It was perfect for me.


Simon may have been handed some lemons but this guy makes lemonade and lemon ice and some lemon pie too. I don’t want to give too much more because it has to be experienced and get that smile. The humor makes reading this story a joy and I had so much fun with it.

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