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Cassandra Carr: Melting Into You

Melting Into You (Savor Book 1) - Cassandra Carr

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary, Cooking


Review: Seth Mason is a trained chef who owns and operates a macaroni food truck, Macarollin’ (loved the name) as he saves money to open a restaurant. He’s also a good person, giving back to the community. It is here, while donating to a homeless shelter, that he meets their new employee, Ben. Ben is so different from Seth’s usual type, but even Seth can appreciate Ben’s “suit porn”.


As the two get to know each other there is an appreciation for their differences, as well as interests they share. Ben is sort of lukewarm on everything and Seth does quite a bit of chasing. Ben’s also very inexperienced and I appreciated that Seth didn’t just try to push him into anything.


The foodie aspect of the story is interesting – I’d love to try some of the mac and cheese combos they came up with! The story itself is fairly slow paced with most of the emphasis on them getting to know each other and the expansion of the food truck. There were times I wanted something to happen besides talking!


This is a quick story, appealing more for the food aspect than anything.