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BJ Sheppard – Suburban Legend

Suburban Legend - B.J. Sheppard

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Suspense


I'd like 'Horror Movie Bad Decisions' for $500, please.


Creepy as all out right from the beginning. There's the classic babysitter set up, oh yeah... all kinds of bad things happen when mom and dad are away. It's got that 'Have you checked the children' vibe running underneath with enough unsettling things that make the fake starts work.


So if strange noises, unexplained deaths, eerily large mansions, poorly illuminated surroundings, and odd happenings are your thing then this works. There's the stereotypical horror movie stupid going on here. I know I should do X, but I'm gonna do Z even though it's a really bad idea and someone told me to do the opposite.


So this is entertaining in the ghost story tradition. Quibbles include a couple of places where the wrong word was used: feign instead of feint, mirthful sneer (paradoxical), affect instead of effect. There was also the issue of no section breaks between chapters on my mobi copy. On the plus side, I'd like to award 10 points for correctly labeling a character's costume as Frankenstein's monster, not Frankenstein.


Overall, a campy horror read that Scary Movie 6 could be based on.


Favorite quote:

It’s probably just a Halloween prank.