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Audio Review: Mary Calmes and Cardeno C. – Control

Control - Cardeno C., Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Paranormal



When Vy Aleknos, a hawk shifter, drops into the local hardware store to pick up a few supplies for his construction business, he’s immediately overwhelmed with a scent that turns his world on its axis. He’s found his mate! The only problem is that the store is vacant, and he can’t figure out who she is. Tracking the most recent customers with the help of the clerk, Vy is shocked to find out that his mate is a male—something he thought would never be possible, and not only a male, but a bear shifter as well. The moment he meets Robert Cimino, he knows he’s found his mate, but Robert, though attracted to Vy, is unaware that they are mates.


Apparently, Robert has never shifted, or at least not since he was about five years old. And Vy is not only a hawk shifter, he is the quar, the leader of his hawk ket. Though physically smaller than Robert, Vy is powerful and has the arrogance and self-assuredness that only a true leader would possess. He’s heartbroken when he realizes that Robert can’t recognize him as a mate because only a shifter who actually shifts can understand the depth of the bond. Dejected, he pulls away from Robert.


But Robert’s human side is very attracted to Vy and refuses to be ignored. Unusual for the lone bear that he is, he can’t seem to get enough of Vy and comes back to him again and again. When he finds out that the people in town are afraid of him because they perceive him as big, fierce, and more dominant than Vy, Robert takes steps to assure that his lover’s role as the ket leader is reinforced. He implies to one of the guys in the local vegan cafe that Vy is the top in their relationship and that seems to turn people’s opinions around. After all, if he can be controlled by Vy, then they really have no reason to fear him. When he later helps to save a group of teens and assists Vy in conquering the wolves who’ve attacked them, he inadvertently seals the deal and is shocked by Vy’s response to his actions.


This is a great shifter tale with a different twist from the usual. I enjoyed the story itself, though I was not as enamored of the MCs as I may have been if I had read the story. The narration by Greg Tremblay was good, however, I don’t care for the voices he used for Robert and Vy. I know people who like this narrator, but to me, Robert’s voice sounded odd and shaky. On the other hand, Vy frequently sounded whiny and timid, which was the opposite of the way his personality was described in the story. Because of that, I’ve dropped the audiobook rating from the 4 I would have given it to 3.5 hearts.


If you enjoy shifter stories, by all means pick this one up. I would recommend the e-book over the audiobook, however, for the reasons mentioned above. The authors are both favorites of mine so I would easily recommend this or any of their M/M romances to anyone new to the genre or those looking for a sweet romance between two alphas.

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