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Madeleine Ribbon – Death by Dragon

Death by Dragon - Madeleine Ribbon

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre:M/M Paranormal


When trouble finds you.


Fell's got a problem, but it's not a major problem until an issue of trespassing brings more to his doorstep than a couple bodies. And while I understand the occasional call to play Good Samaritan, the inciting incident for him to get involved beyond the necessary housekeeping just didn't convince me. Suddenly, this hermit needs to be a team player--ah, no. Not buying it.


Don't get me wrong. I liked the sticky triangle that emerges and how Fell's inherent nature of being half-incubus affects his life and relationships. Plus, Theodore's an adorable guy and Jett is stuff nightmares are made of--Win.


I love his powers and how he uses them and what his limitations are. Plus the surprise visit from someone from his past opens a whole new can of worms. Or advice Hot Line if anyone answers. Still, I had issues with how interpersonal relationship played out because they depended heavily on one of my pet peeves of plot devices--miscommunication.


Oh, the misunderstandings--Ugh. A whole critical conflict point was based on a MISUNDERSTANDING even though one of the characters really had the most of the information and ignored it. So the grand hullabaloo that leads to major carnage had a stupid start. Then there's the stupid and illogical assumption of guilt that isn't Fell's really annoyed me. And the acts that were inspired by that guilt were stupid.


Now the decent body count, I could get behind. I'm bloodthirsty enough to enjoy collateral damage. There are some MC losses in this one to propel the story and one that might even hurt a bit, or not. So with all this mess, the end was great.


Overall, like a mixed bag of candy where most are ones you like and couple you just rifle around.


Favorite quote:

Life will get weird for a while, but I’ll do what I can to see you through in the end.


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