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Lillian Francis – Theory Unproven

Theory Unproven - Lillian Francis

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Eric is a young Englishman who has taken a 5 year contract to work at an elephant preserve in South Africa. He has been out and proud for some time and has never had reason to think he needs to hide who he is. Tyaan is a South Africa native who has never left his hometown, despite the homophobia he has witnessed since his teen years, he is also the pilot that delivers all supplies for The Foundation, the organization Eric now works for.

The story is told primarily from the alternating points of view of Eric and Tyaan, but Tyaan’s roommate, bestfriend, and the flying doctor for the region, Jessie, gets a couple of chapters from her point of view.


I have only read two books by Lillian Francis, and based on that, she knows how to develop a story where, with the level of detail and back story, at first, you may think “what does this have to do with anything” and when it hits you, you can barely put the book down! There are times that with the back story, you think you know the direction the story is going to go and then….nope, you’re wrong!


As a result, the story was well paced, with great main characters and secondary characters – you want to know more about the bosses assistant (a future sequel perhaps?) and you have a good idea who to be concerned about as the story progresses. There are also secondary characters who are pleasant surprises, the town police officer Andrew being my favorite of these! The chemistry between the two main characters has a great build up, with compassion for Tyaan and what he saw his friends go through, which is why he tried to stay in the closet and under the radar, and hope for Eric that he won’t get his heart broken, since you love him pretty much from the start of the story!


There are two elephants that are quite close, although they were raised differently, and Eric becomes as close to them, Jack and Ianto, and there was one point in the story I was afraid they were going to be victims of someone’s hatred, but they turn out to be pretty major secondary characters! If you like animals, you are going to love these two characters!


I don’t want to reveal too much, but suffice it to say, after two stories, Lillian Francis is well on the way to being one of my auto-buy authors as she can craft a story and great characters, so well.


I would recommend this book for romance lovers who really enjoy the development of the story as much as the romance and hot scenes and while this was my first book by this author, I will be looking for more!

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