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Keira Andrews – A Clean Break

A Clean Break - Keira Andrews

Reviewer: Richard

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This is the sequel to a “Forbidden Rumpspringa. If anything this second title in the series is better than the first. Starting where Forbidden Rumspringa ended the author takes great pains for the reader to view 21st century American society through the eyes of these two young Amish men.

The Ordnung that was followed in their Amish settlement is one that is the most restrictive in Amish society. This is a drastic change when contrasted to San Francisco where the men find refuge with Isaac’s brother who has previously fled the plain life and married a woman of Philippine descent.

The chapter set in the local Target shows the author’s deep knowledge of Amish culture. The young men need to choose clothes, toiletries, and other items necessary to their new lives. The choices are beyond their comprehension and ability to even begin to make decisions.

The real eye opener is how everyone does not seem to even notice when they are together.

Tension and personal conflict arise between them as David begins to experience panic attacks and is wracked with guilt over abandoning his family.
A family emergency propel Isaac and David accompanied by his brother and his wife to Minnesota.

It is not necessary to read Forbidden RumSpringa to understand the sequel. However, it is recommended by this reviewer. I highly recommend this book as well as its predecessor.

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