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Kate Sherwood – More Than Chemistry

More than Chemistry - Kate Sherwood, Derrick McClain

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This was a delightful audiobook, fairly short—only 2 hours or so—but so entertaining! Narrator Derrick McClain did a great job with the voices and with conveying the emotions of each scene.


The story is about Jack Lawson, billionaire and CEO of a rapidly expanding chemical company. He marks his success by how much money he has, the people he can rub elbows with, his remarkably efficient support staff, and his popularity with those who count. All he needs now is the right woman and he will feel that he has truly made it. Sounds shallow? I thought so at first but I grew to love him quickly as I recognized the young boy within trying to be recognized as a success and not realizing that he already is.


When he meets Noah Mercier, a former high school classmate, while listening to a proposal from a potential ad agency, the two reminisce and enjoy a few shared memories. Noah is very shy and normally just a part of the think tank at his agency, but he’s been dragged out on the assignment to be an extra body. When his boss picks up on the acquaintance, she pressures Noah to try to get Jack to give the bid to their company.


The next day when Noah gives in to his boss’s pressure and places a follow-up call to Jack, he inadvertently tells Jack about his sister Hayley, now a famous Hollywood actress. Jack uses that information to con Noah into getting her to come out to a hockey game with them in exchange for giving the business to Noah’s company. Jack figures that Hayley would make his recognition as a success complete.


Over the course of the next week, Jack finds himself drawn more and more to Noah as the two brainstorm ideas for the ad campaign and quite simply enjoy each other’s company. Noah backs out of the date at the last minute, telling Jack that he feels terrible that he allowed himself to trade his sister for his job security. Over the course of the date with Hayley, Jack realizes that Noah has gotten so far under his skin that he’s not going to pursue Hayley afterwards. Can Jack face up to his feelings and his fears? Will Noah overcome his shyness to win Jack’s heart?


This, as I said, was delightful and sweet and quite packed with emotion for such a short audiobook. I highly recommend it for all lovers of M/M romance.

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