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Anna Martin – Signs

Signs - Anna  Martin

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary



All signs point to fabulous for this latest release by Anna Martin, and to coin a basketball phrase (it is March Madness time after all), this was a total slam dunk for me!


This story is a hit because of the incredible characters. It revolves around two young gay boys on the verge of manhood who are just wrapping up their senior year in high school. They are both virgins, both “different” and trying to cope with those differences, and both somewhat loners and/or lonely. Luc is coping with family issues (the loss of his father and an alcoholic disinterested mother), dresses goth and looks effeminate, and has some body image struggles. Caleb is deaf, has wonderful parents (if somewhat overprotective) but has not connected with anyone else (inside or outside the deaf community), and desperately wishes for people to just treat him as normal.


These boys meet online, get to know one another, become fast friends, and then discover they both want more. The romance develops slowly but is one of the sweetest I’ve had the pleasure to read about. They were mature beyond their years and built a rock solid foundation of mutual love, respect and admiration. They were equals in every way and communicated more deeply than those who don’t have any communication barrier between them.


My best friend is deaf and I’ve always admired her strength and positive outlook. She has never once looked at her hearing loss as a disability; simply as a different challenge to overcome. She has two cochlear implants but in no way does that define her. She’s smart, successful, has a dazzling smile, and a potty mouth that could shock a sailor! Perhaps because of my relationship with her, I connected very intimately with Caleb and Luc and could relate to this book on a more personal level.


Every once in a while, a book comes along that strikes a chord and takes up residence in your very bones. That was this book for me – perfect in every way. Powerful and moving with minimal angst, I’d recommend this book to everyone!

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