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Mercy Celeste – Light from the Dark

Light from the Dark - Mercy Celeste

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary


The simplest way I can sum up this story is that the blurb piqued my curiosity, the story grabbed hold and hung on for dear life, and the ending threw me for a loop.


I found the idea of a cupcake bodyguard assignment for a spoiled rich kid intriguing. The “name your price” gauntlet that was thrown down as part of the vetting process to hire Micah just served to further amp up my “what’s up” radar. I was wholly unprepared for the enigma that was Kit/Christopher.


As characters go, Kit is as damaged and interesting as they get. He was traumatized as a young boy by witnessing the multiple murders of those closest to him, then kidnapped and escaped. As an adult, Kit suffers from the psychological effects of that trauma – the loss of his voice, having almost no sexual identity and homebound due to severe agoraphobia. My initial impression of Kit was that he was either completely psychotic or a total ass; however, once the POV switched to Kit’s and I had a chance to really get to know him, he got under my skin and I fell in love.


Micah was also damaged goods and came with his own baggage. I enjoyed his hints of snarky attitude and total vulnerability when it came to Kit; however, as bodyguards go, I think I’d have to pass on recommending him. I get that he was distracted by Kit’s beauty and their connection, but he acted more like a guest hanging out than someone doing a job.


The majority of the story revolves around a past that seems to have come back to haunt Kit, and trying to solve the mystery before things escalate out of control. I rode this wave of adrenaline as events unfolded and couldn’t put the book down. Ultimately, as all the puzzle pieces are fit into place, the story took some twists and turns that were completely unexpected, somewhat convoluted, and frankly more than a little confusing at times (*scratches head and mutters what???*). 5 hearts/stars became 4.


Despite the crazy ending, this author can tell a crazy good story and this book is well worth the read. Those who like lots of drama, intrigue, and romance are sure to love it – just be prepared to relegate the crazy family stuff to the sidelines!

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