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Naomi Bellina – Ruled By The Moon

Ruled by the Moon (Nocturne Book 1) - Naomi Bellina

Reviewer: Missy B

Genre: m/f paranormal


Review: 1 1/2 hearts for most of the book, and 3 hearts for the last 1/8. I like the uniqueness to Dylan, but found the characters all over the place, the alpha was a wimp, and she's a psycho bitch at times. I liked the premise of the story, but it just didn't develop. There's a underlying feeling of a big secret, but it's boring.


Things that bothered me: She too accepting of his wolf, yet ignores it as if she hadn't seen him partially shift, but talks about it. His teeth are elongated, yet he speaks fine. Early in the book she denies he changed at all, then she can't wrap her mind around it, and in the next breath she wants to help him, yet no freak out at all. Dylan talks about her lavender scent, then it changes to patchouli scent. Sunflower seed butter became nut butter. The time and conversation transitions are not smooth. A shifter with nudity issues, that is also alpha, and he struggles to carry a person, and takes orders from others. Who stops to do a yoga pose when they think someone might have broken into their home. Closing her eyes & taking a deep breath to center themselves, but not a yoga pose. Talk of Gen & Vincent then it's dropped as quickly as it comes up.


The conversations are all bunched together. There isn't a back and forth dialogue. There is no separation (either extra spaces or a decorative symbol or line) between conversations. Ex. She's talking to Dylan on the phone, and the next paragraph she's talking to Gen. No space between the paragraphs. It makes you pause, ruining the flow.

The time transitions are not clear. Ex.: the week goes by in a blur, Tuesday she gets flowers, Friday she has champagne with the ladies, spends the weekend catching up on things, Saturday happens, then Dylan is back from his week-long trip that he just left for. So it goes from Monday to Friday then back to Tuesday then back to Friday, then the whole weekend, then back to Saturday, then I guess the end of the week since he's back but it's Monday.

Ex: She mentions how she's glad it wasn't a late night at her clinic, then calls Vincent then Genevieve for a 6 pm dinner at her place with homemade bread. Vets are usually open till 5pm (late days are till 7pm) during the week and you know the vet isn't walking out the door at 5. Then she goes to the store, before getting home to cook and greet her guests.


I just couldn't get into the story. It just never developed. I think the big reason was the characters. I did like the last few chapters, once the big mystery of who/might be drugging weres is hinted at. Once Sysco comes into the story, things start moving, but then things just end.


If the next book is like the last 1/8, then I'd give it a try, otherwise I wouldn't.

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