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Jaycee Edwards & Helena Stone – Strangers In the Night

Strangers in the Night - Jaycee Edward, Helena Stone

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This is a short story – only 51 pages. As long as you set your expectations in line with the fact that story and character development are going to be somewhat limited and that the relationship will progress more quickly than normal, then I think you’ll be in a better position to be able to appreciate what this little series starter has to offer. At the heart of it, this story is about two elusive puzzle pieces coming together in a perfect fit and the satisfaction that goes along with finding how they perfectly complement each other.


Callum is an experienced Dom who always wanted a boy/submissive of his own, but never found that special someone for him. In the unlikeliest of circumstances, Slade literally stumbles upon Callum’s remote cabin in need of food and shelter, but also something else he wasn’t aware he needed. As nighttime reveals the emotional trauma Slade suffered over events he couldn’t control and daytime reveals the unhealthy coping mechanism he utilizes to provide an illusion of control, Callum offers a different alternative. And while the alternative may be safer physically for Slade, it just may prove more dangerous emotionally for both of them.


A couple of days does not a relationship make, so Callum and Slade are barely more than strangers at the close of this story, but I could feel the connection and see the potential for so much more. I’m not sure if the series will continue with more of their story or not, but I sure would love to get more deeply involved with them.