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Mercy Celeste – Shift in Time (Out of Time #1)

Shift in Time - Mercy Celeste

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Paranormal


Review: “Morgan Monstros, chief normal in a family of extra-ordinaries”. That pretty much sums up Morgan, a witch with no powers who manages the family’s island estate and is so much stronger than he gives himself credit for. When his sister begs him to watch her Siamese cat, well, things are just dandy aren’t they.


I hated the way Morgan was forced to live, the “oath” he signed. So much weight on his shoulders, I just wanted something good for him. The babysitting of Jessa’s cat didn’t seem like it was going to be anything good. Morgan begins to get headaches and strange thoughts are happening. Fane? Who’s Fane? A little kiss to the top of his head and Fane’s all changed. Uh oh.


Fane is, well, something else. He is simple in a way, speaks oddly and he loves Morgan. There are so many things he doesn’t understand but he knows he wants to protect Morgan, care for him. He doesn’t remember a lot, especially in the beginning, but his care for Morgan is constant.


There is betrayal in both of their pasts and that’s something they need to deal with, besides having to try to remember all the missing pieces. They face challenges of all kinds. And when Fane turns out to have a twin, Falyn, things get more complicated. It’s heartbreaking, as well How do you trust a witch when a witch cursed you and killed your mate? Poor Fane.


Werewolves and witches collide in this story and it’s a fun ride. I liked the glimpses of Fane in the past and his progress in the present. There is some evil going on and I worried for a while they wouldn’t make it through.


This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised. I was nervous it would be too dark for me, but it kept a balance very well. The characters, especially Falyn, evoke emotion because they are deeper than they appear at first glance. Falyn, an Alpha and so strong, yet vulnerable too. I enjoyed this foray into the paranormal world and recommend this story.