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Mia Watts – Right Number, Wrong Guy (Hollywood Hotties #1)

Wrong Number, Right Guy (Hollywood Hotties Book 1) - Mia Watts

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Ryan Pierce is a famous star who has beautiful women on his arm and all attention on him, all the time. It makes for a difficult time sometimes, particularly when he isn’t sure why someone wants to be with him. When he answers the phone one night he is pretty captivated by the voice on the other side. For his part, Dar misdialed when he called Ryan. He meant to call another friend.


Somehow, the two begin a phone friendship, even if Ryan isn’t honest about his identity. But he can’t be gay, he has to be straight for his career. Right?


His friend, Brett, (who is adorable in his own right) wants to be on set and meet the beautiful Ryan Pierce. Since Dar believes he can meet HIS Ryan, he agrees to go. When the two finally do actually meet, they hook up and things are looking good. Until the inevitable happens, of course, and Ryan reacts badly. To be honest, I was so ticked at him and I wanted Dar to smack him!


It’s pretty insta-love, yes. Sort of silly, yes. Extremely unlikely, yes. I thought it was cute nonetheless and I can suspend disbelief for the sake a sweet, light read. I’d love Brett to get his story too!