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Amber Kell – Unexpected Alpha

Unexpected Alpha - Amber Kell

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Shifters


Review: Can you even imagine going for a run and ending up attacked by a maniac animal, followed by waking up with the sexiest man you’ve ever seen at your side, a man who makes you turn into a possessive GROWLING lunatic? Welcome to the world of Stanley, even tempered, mild mannered and apparently more Alpha than he ever would have imagined.


His rescuer, Fenris, is his mate and everyone better just respect that because Stanley isn’t in control of his wolfy nature yet. Pretty much only Fen can get Stanley to behave himself when he’s upset and Stanley has a lot to be upset about.


I have to admit – were I in Stanley’s position I definitely wouldn’t handle it with as much aplomb as he does. And when he finds out the backstory, well, he’s lucky his mom is there because dad is something else. That being said, I adored his mom. There is a fierce woman right there, able to put dad in his place. I wanted to smack dad more than a few times.


The Sebastian aspect (just ewww, dude) brought some twists and more than anything let us get a good look at Stanley’s mom. Yes!


I enjoyed this story for the characters but even more because it’s got a funny edge. “We can’t keep him. He’s not a stray dog that followed you home.” Yes, they are discussing Stanley right then. He’s no dog! “Stanley, drop my father.” That Fen, he’s calm and collected.


Paul, Fen’s friend and packmate, is a pest, loyal and wonderful. “No one picks on my alpha but me.”


I did question the challenge “law” because it didn’t make any sense. It did, however, give Stanley’s father a chance to redeem himself.


I thought this book was funny with a good pace and strong characters. The face that proceeds go to the Autism Society of Washington is a great bonus. Recommended.