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VL Locey – Two Man Advantage

Two Man Advantage - V.L. Locey

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Sports


Review: I have to start out by saying – I love VL Locey’s writing style. Humor is infused within without being over the top and her characters are fleshed out so I am able to form a connection with them. In this story we are faced with a pretty unlikeable guy, hockey forward and all-around arrogant jerk, Victor Kalinski. When his attitude finally gets him demoted to the minors, he continues his idiocy, never owning the fact that his talent is not enough to make up for it. As the story is told in first person by Victor, you get to see how unapologetic he is for most of the time.


When he is sent down, he is immediately a huge jerk to the team’s captain, Dan Arou. Put it out there now – Arou is so awesome. He’s laid back but not a doormat. When he is punched by Victor within ten minutes of him joining the team, well, I’d have reacted differently!


It is very difficult to find redeeming qualities to Victor for quite a bit of the book. He is just so offensive. Even as he and Dan begin a friendship with benefits, he is so rude. I especially liked when Dan convinces him to come home with him at Thanksgiving and Dan shows that backbone when Victor is talking about Dan’s family. It’s around this time that Victor started to show more humanity and the humor again comes through. “The giggle that escaped me was so feminine I feared an ovary might blossom inside me.” Locey’s descriptions amuse me so often: “You have a million dollar set of legs and a ten cent brain.”


This story was a solid 4 for me until something good happens for Dan and of course Victor can’t be decent about it. As a warning to those who hate it (me!), there is cheating involved, with a woman. I didn’t see it as poor Victor letting Dan have something amazing, I saw it as a poor excuse for a boyfriend being selfish yet again. I admit, this part ruined much of the story for me, especially when Dan immediately shows up to Victor when he needs him.


The ending is ambiguous, in that there is no mention of how they deal with the cheating (did Victor even confess?) and since they are now long distance, it felt more like HFN than anything. I am still a fan of Locey’s writing but in this one, the character seriously disappointed me.