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Megan Derr – Seconds

Seconds - Megan Derr

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Historical, Nonexplicit

4.25 Hearts


Review: This short story is historical in a sort of alternate Regency history, as same-sex unions appear to be accepted as norm. Viscount Knox, Alexis, finds himself calling on the Earl of Chelsea. Haven, or “the Dragon”, is the illegitimate son and a source of gossip for society. Not only was he claimed by the Earl, and has inherited, but he works as a translator! It’s just not done. Alexis is the second for a young Henry, who has challenged Haven’s friend, Otis, to a duel. Now the calmer heads of Alexis and Haven must sort the whole thing out.


The story of Alexis and Haven is woven into the struggles of Henry and Otis, two young men who continually challenge each other instead of trying “working on the real source of your problem.”


Alexis has been dreadfully hurt in the past and this causes him to keep his distance from what he really wants. Haven is so lovely, I wanted to hug him. He is awkward at social gatherings yet he is the more polite of the two of them. When he apologizes to Alexis at the ball, it’s a little heartbreaking.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story – it may be short but I didn’t feel it was missing anything. I’d love to know how it all turns out and revisit these characters in the future. And Otis and Henry, as well!