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Jay Northcote – The Marrying Kind

The Marrying Kind - Jay Northcote

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: MM Contemporary, Series


Review: This is a sequel to The Dating Game that came out in 2014 and I was lucky enough to get to review that one too! The Marrying Kind picks up almost two years after Owen and Nathan’s first day, they are now living together and the story starts with a party celebrating Jack and Simon’s upcoming wedding and of course questions of whether they will be next.

The story is told from both Owen and Nathan’s point of view


If you enjoyed The Dating Game, you want to read this story – and if you haven’t read The Dating Game but like apparent opposite attract stories, I would highly recommend both books to you! I love the characters of Owen and Nathan, I love the secondary characters – how Simon can be very playful, but such an incredibly supportive friend, in both books, along with Jack’s quiet strength.


If you have not read The Dating Game, there are potential spoilers with this review for you! Nathan likes the idea of marriage, commitment and the symbols that go with it such as the wedding and the rings; however, he knows that Owen is not a believer in it so he tries to make peace with not “needing” those things to be confident in their relationship. Owen’s belief has nothing to do with equal rights since he thinks marriage is unnecessary for heterosexual couples as well! However, with his closest friends getting married and the questions that come up from friends and family about their future and even a discussion with Nathan, he knows that Nathan would like it and he knows he wants Nathan, so in a totally unromantic way, he proposes.


As the planning progresses, and then there are possibilities of redundancies at his job, the pressure of both almost become too much for Owen. Nathan knows they are drifting apart, but he’s not sure why or what to do about it. When the bad news on Owen’s job comes in, Nathan looks for a way they can take a break - Nathan’s brother suggests a hiking trip in Scotland but Owen passes on it due to the expense and not being as much of an outdoors fan as Nathan. It will be their first time apart in the two years they’ve been dating. An argument before Nathan leaves has their future in question on many levels and both use the weekend to think about what they really want – Owen realizes he is afraid of being his Dad and not being good enough for Nathan, but he knows the only person he sees in his future is Nathan and he hopes he’ll have a chance to propose again, and do it in a way to show how he feels.


Prepare to laugh and cry, because Jay is a bit of a master at both with her books! And as I said, I love these characters so it was wonderful to visit with them again. I loved it, and if you enjoy romance, hot scenes and when people do stupid things and then work to fix it, you will enjoy this book!

I mentioned when I reviewed The Dating Game that Jay Northcote was quickly becoming an auto buy author for me based on the books I had read and reviewed then, well, I’ve since read more of them than I have even reviewed and yes, this is an autobuy author for me!

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