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Heidi Cullinan – Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch - Heidi Cullinan

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


5 HEARTS!!!!!

I'm gonna start in the middle. I was loving everything about this and it was probably a solid 4.5 stars, except the Elijah subplot. He was an ass and I just didn't care (even though I could tell he would prob be the MC for the next book). But then, it all changed. And the course that the book took turned into a full-on 5 star because it was just beautiful in every way. The characters, the story, and the music all melded perfectly into a complex and emotional journey. And it was fucking great.


The audio version only enhanced this. I didn't read the book so I can't exactly compare, all I can say is that I was totallyin this book and the narration was perfect. The voices were distinguishable but all normal, so not overly deep or overly nasally etc. I found myself crying quite frequently.


When the boys finally got together it was probably half-way, but I felt like it better happen effen soon. But then I was glad for the long build from tentative lovers to enemies to friends and back to lovers. Their emotions were completely believable and real.

I didn't read book 1, Love Lessons, but I didn't feel lost at all. This was a beautiful and sad and happy story about friendship and love and real family - not just by blood. The narration was great, and I am absolutely sticking with audio for book 3!

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