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Charlie Cochet – Rack & Ruin (THIRDS #3)

Rack & Ruin - Charlie Cochet

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: MM Paranormal

3.5 Hearts


Review: I enjoy this series, and book 3 was no exception. The same wonderful cast of characters were present and accounted for. It was great to see the progression of Dex and Sloan's relationship, with a few bumps in the road to keep it interesting without making me cringe with angst and wanna run away from my guys' suffering.


There were a few twists and turns, some I saw coming and some less so. But that was all fine, because really, I think this installment is more focused on the interpersonal relationships of the team. It's still in the context of The THIRDS and The Order and The Coalition, but we learned more about everyone, Cole and Ash in particular. And actually, while I love Dex and Sloan, it's getting to the point where Cole and Ash (and soon Calvin and Hobbs) need their own book to fully explore and divulge what's going on and where they're going. And to get their shit together!


This book could be construed as ending on a cliff hanger, but at the same time not, because I know everyone is fine and things will pick up right here in book 4. Given the audio format, I wasn't paying attention to how far along I was in the book and can admit I was a little surprised when the book ended. But again, things were all wrapped up and happy, and the last chapter almost felt more like a teaser to the first chapter in book 4. I really didn't mind, although I would understand if it annoyed someone else.


With regards to the audio specifically, it's good as always. I like this narrator. I like his voice. He differentiates well between Dex, Sloan, and Ash in particular. He inflicts appropriately whether it be jokes, sex, anger, what have you. And the pace felt perfect (I often have to speed audio books up). Although not my favorite installment, this is a series I enjoy in audio format and will keep up with.


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