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Andrew Grey – The Price

The Price - Andrew Grey

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary


What price is too high to pay when it comes to matters of the heart? That’s the fundamental question behind this story of a highly paid escort and an elementary school teacher. A match made in heaven they were not – not with the conflict of their chosen careers standing as an almost insurmountable obstacle between them.


On the surface, both of these guys (Grant and Hunter) may have seemed like normal, well-adjusted men. Start peeling back the layers of the onion, however, and you’ll find plenty of stuff that will make you wrinkle your nose from the stink of it and probably even bring a tear or two to your eye when you really absorb what life has thrown at them.


I love the enigma that surrounds an opposites attract themed story, but it’s extra special when that relationship feels like it has a snowball’s chance in Vegas of beating the odds (score – two Vegas references in one sentence!). I love rooting for the underdogs and it definitely felt like Grant and Hunter needed a few extra cheerleaders on their side.


In Grant and Hunter, the author created vivid impressions and so much depth. These characters were brought to life showing both strength and vulnerability, the desire for answers with the capacity to forgive, the passion to give of themselves to provide the best experience for others, and the ability to love grandly if only they can take the risk and unlock their protected hearts. Best of all, they were believable and so was their struggle. The author did not make it easy for them, so their HEA was well earned.


In addition to giving me characters that I could love, I was so very intrigued by the rich elements of the plot included in this story – things like some perspective around alcoholism, psychology, poor parental choices that affect the rest of their kids’ lives, and the fact that everyone deserves to find that one person who will love them unconditionally from the inside out no matter the price. Highly recommended!!!

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