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Mell Eight – Finding the Wolf

Finding the Wolf - Mell Eight

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Review: The premise of this was interesting and the multilayered plot was done well in this novella length story. We got some pretty complex world building done in a way that avoided info-dumping, and even an epic battle. A great love story (albeit a little 'insta) with a side order of Dragon-human-werewolf political and cultural dynamics. Super enjoyable.


I also enjoyed that the author didn't really try to humanize Nyle. The book didn't try to present Nyle and Leon's relationship in human terms. Leon was Nyle's pretty and part of his hoard, that type of possessiveness would be over-the-top and inappropriate from a human. But from a Dragon, it's the biggest honor there is, complete devotion. And there's still equality, if you asked Leon I'm sure that he would say Nyle is part of his hoard.


The audio version was done very well, narrated by Albert Black. Almost all the dragons had different voices, all done well. The humans had a bit of a Scottish brogue which was totally fine with me. I think the only time I didn't like a voice was when Nyle had his one freak out, I know it was supposed to be all deep and powerful but it was a tad much for me. But this totally worked as an audiobook.


I'm excited for book 2, Breaking The Shackles, and that I was right about the new MC's!

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