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K.C. Wells – Unlocked Heart

An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M BDSM


3.75 Hearts



I really enjoyed this audiobook, as evidenced by the fact that I listened to 10 hours worth of book in two days, it was hot and sweet and fun. There were certainly things I didn't like, although they were overshadowed in general by the things I did like. But I'll start by listing the niggles:


1) The cover. Meh. I appreciate that they're normal looking guys, but I hate chin straps, and I really hate two chin straps. Yuck.


2) The accents, or lack thereof. This take place in Manchester, England. Yet the narrator spoke with an America accent. Why? If he can't do British, then they should have gotten a different narrator. When I read books, I always do the accents in my head, so I was annoyed when I realized the voices weren't consistent with the story. But... then the hot sex started and I didn't really care. So overall, it didn't significantly decrease my enjoyment, but I noticed.


3) "Boy". This was hot, especially initially, given Alex's strong reaction to it. Although it was probably overused a bit, especially in that first scene. Related to both my previous point as well as my next one, the use of "boy" often sounded almost Southern at times, especially from Miles and Thomas.


4) Voices. Maybe it's stereotypical, but I found it odd that Alex had the deepest and most 'masculine' voice. Leo's was breathy and I couldn't help but compare it at times to a Drag Queen. So that was odd, although not too distracting. Then there's Miles, luckily he didn't have too many lines though, because his voice was terrible, especially for a Dom (again, stereotype), but it was high pitched and whiny.


So those are all my nit-picky annoyances, and they're valid, and I noticed them. But any time I thought about getting on my GR status updates and complaining, there would be a hot-ass fucking scene and I just would not give a fuck. The BDSM aspect is pretty light, so people should be aware of that. It is certainly there a part of their lives, but nothing super hard core happens.


The story worked, and I liked the slow-burn of the relationship as well as the pace that they went. It seemed appropriate given Alex's inexperience. The dramas with both Dorian and Ray was a bit over the top, and I didn't love the way Dorian in particular was handled. Alex's family became a bit of a characterization with no gray ares, although the little ray of hope was nice.


So overall, I really liked this. I did have a lot of complaints about the narration, but that being said, I also obviously loved it. I'm bummed I didn't get British accents, and that affected the way "boy" as well as voices sounded, but there weren't too many British-isms so it was easy to ignore and simply enjoy as a universal story.

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