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Isabella Carter – Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer: The Empty Crown, Book 1 - Isabella Carter, Paul Morey

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Review:    I enjoyed this audiobook a lot. I'm familiar with this narrator from Wood, Screws, & Nails as well as All The Colors of Love, but I liked him much better here. His tone and the quality of his voice matched this world very well.


The story is a bit of a familiar one, from other fantasy novels I've read. Forced marriage but of course they fall in love and discover some treachery then need to save the kingdom. But that familiarity did not lessen my enjoyment at all. It was great to watch Mallory develop feelings for Ingram. I was very concerned there would be some stupid miscommunication, but really things went rather smoothly on that front. Our boys are left safe and stable by the end, although the world itself is in upheaval and I was a little bummed to realize book 2 is not out yet. But fear not dear readers, it isn't a cliffhanger, just a series with an overarching plot.


Despite knowing that there was no sex in this book, I'll admit I was a little disappointed. I'm okay with no sex, but I would at least like it talked about so I feel I'm fully informed. They made a point of not having sex initially, so I found that once the first kiss occurred, I had no idea what was going on in their relationship. Which I did not like. I have no idea when they finally did they deed, although I'm almost certain they did. So that is one niggle. If your going to fade-to-black, at least make it clear what's gonna happen in the black.


But if you're a lover of fantasy and some intrigue, with a side of MM romance, this is totally for you. The audio version was great and between my morning/afternoon commute, errands, chores, and a late night, I finished this in one day. Which is kinda crazy. I'm eager for book 2, and hope that by the time it comes out I still have a connection with these guys. I'll prob re-listen to this one if 2 is more than a year off. Recommended!

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