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Heidi Cullinan – Love Lessons

Love Lessons: Love Lessons Series, Book 1 - Heidi Cullinan, Iggy Toma

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: MM Audio


Ohmygod this series!!! I highly recommend reading book 2 first, because it was amazing to see Walter and Kelley's friends-to-lovers relationship develop after their wonderful appearance in Fever Pitch. And the Epilogue was the perfect transition/nod.


Similarly to in Fever Pitch, I loved the characters as well as the story from the very beginning. But somewhere around 2/3 of the way through, another layer of depth was added, bumping it to a 5 star. I love how Walter and Kelley's roles reverse by the end, in terms of who is the protector. The person who may appear stronger or more courageous on the outside, is more vulnerable and emotionally fragile. The person who appeared naive and inexperienced, is resilient and fights for those he loves.


I kinda loved these guys to the point I feel like I can't write a good review, because I just want to gush. Fabulous secondary characters in every way. A lot of strong women (though some bitches too), and a couple heart-meltingly wonderful father figures. Shit happens to throw their lives into upheaval at times, but it's always normal stuff. No life or death situations or uber drama. Just life. Jobs and money and family.


This is a new favorite series for me, since I loved the first two books. I'd highly recommend it. Great story. Great romance. Felt true-to-life. I'm gushing. And as with Fever Pitch, the audio version is also highly recommended, it's pretty flawless IMHO. No irks or niggles or weird accents or bad choices. Great narration.

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