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Marie Sexton – Lost Along the Way

Lost Along the Way - Marie Sexton

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Sometimes it takes a startling event to make you realize that you’ve been adrift in your own life, that time is passing you by, that you’ve missed important clues, that you have regrets, and that if you can just muster the courage, things can change for the better. It took the death of his parents in a tragic car accident to start the wheels in motion for Daniel to realize all of these things, and it took a uniquely contradictory man along with just a hint of magic to propel him into action.


I loved the pace of this story and how it was a slow build up to the realization of something more between Daniel and Landon. I loved that Daniel was a character with integrity, and that even though his partner was the one who wronged him, the author still let things head down an amicable parting of ways. I loved the significance of the tie to Laramie, WY and how it shaped Daniel’s childhood home and memories (the story of Matthew Shepard).


All in all, the angst, the progression of Daniel’s new relationship, and the ending all make for a believable story that will take you on a journey from tragedy and sorrow to hope and happiness. The mystical Granny B adds that little extra element of mystery and surprise that made this story such a pleasure to read, and I’m pretty confident that you may never think of your recipes in quite the same way again!

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