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Jaycee Edwards - Dragons

Dragons (Romance on the Go) - Jaycee Edward

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Josiah Pinkerton is terrified in the hospital waiting room when volunteer Will Messina sees the fear and impulsively presents him with a stuffed dragon. Years later in a gay club Will sees that younger boy he never forgot, but now he’s grown up and he’s not so innocent.


This short story is high on emotion. Josiah hasn’t had a lot of luck, from the cancer to his family’s reaction to his sexuality to his present place. He doesn’t pity himself, though, and that shows through. When he and Will come together, it’s a little sad and a lot hopeful. The moment when Will sees Josiah’s room is heartbreaking, and then when he sees what is on Josiah’s bed, well, my heart broke a little more even as I was so happy Josiah was going to finally get to be happy.


Will is a strong, lovely person, a good person and he’s perfect for Josiah. I loved the idea that one random act of kindness can be the one thing someone holds onto through some terrible times. And the epilogue made me happy.

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