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Anna Martin – Summer Son

Summer Son - Anna Martin, R. L. Davis


Genre: M/M Contemporary


Ellis and his husband, Oliver, were among the first to get married when same sex marriage became legal, then to have their son born with a surrogate, and finally, the first to get divorced after three years. Ellis is now raising his son Harrison alone, though Oliver has to pay child support since the decision to have the child was made jointly, and he must own up to his responsibility. Ellis won custody and Oliver has weekend visitation, though he rarely picks up the baby until Saturday and returns him early on Sunday.


Forced by his friends to finally go out to enjoy himself one night, Ellis meets Zane, a young art student of Egyptian descent. Zane Hadlin is sweet, fun, and totally interested in Ellis. Spending some time together eventually becomes frequent as Zane is totally enraptured by Harrison and vice versa. Before too long, he’s moved in at Ellis’s invitation, and the future looks bright for the two of them. But Zane has a past that is apparently going to haunt him, even ten years after he was involved at the scene of a crime. When he was a young teen he witnessed his gang leader brother’s murder and was forced to testify at the murderer’s trial. His mother then packed up the family and moved them to Vermont where she had distant cousins. Zane was cleared of any wrongdoing, but his name is forever associated with the gang war.


When Ellis’s ex decides he wants custody of their son because “that terrorist” is a bad influence on him, Zane offers to stay away from them, and he loves them so much he’s even willing to move back to Vermont, but Ellis puts his foot down and digs in for a major custody battle for which he wants Zane by his side.


This is a sweet story of family love—the love of a man for his child and the love of a man for another man, his lover, his partner. R.L. Davis’s narration was great with totally different voices for both MCs, something that doesn’t always happen in an audiobook. I loved the voice the narrator gave to Zane. It emphasized his youth and his sweet personality. His smooth narration of the whole story kept me interested from beginning to end.


Anna Martin is a gifted author and the story is gritty and realistic and one that should appeal to all lovers of a romance involving men with children and a strong desire for family. I highly recommend this audiobook. Very nicely done.

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