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Lily Velden – Heart Knot Mine

Heart Knot Mine - Lily Velden

Reviewer: Rich

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This is exceeding well-written novel. What at first glance may appear to be simply a pedestrian story of man meets man, man gets man, man loses man and then both live happily ever after rises above the pedestrian plain to a very special, well plotted novel.


Each man learns something major about himself. Noah learns that he is not only gay but monogamous. Robert learns that sex without love and tenderness becomes empty and not fulfilling. It is well into the novel before both characters actually meet. They are both art professors switching professorships, Noah from Chicago and Robert from London. They switch homes as well and communicate by Skype, text and emails.


The strength of this novel is it’s densely plotted frame work focusing on the two backgrounds, similarity/differences, and family life.


This is a believable, well thought-out story offering characters without stereotypes. The resulting happy ending is not the least bit contrived; with Noah standing forthright for love over just sex and Robert deciding a man can change and is willing to prove the point.


Far from a love conquers all story, the author displays a flair for creating believable situations that do not strain belief. Highly recommended.

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