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BL Dayhoff – Sometimes The Cowboy Falls

Sometimes the Cowboy Falls - B.L. Dayhoff

Reviewer: SheReadsAlot

Genre:M/M Cowboy


Review: New author B.L. Dayhoff introduces a mostly angst-free short about a damaged ex-manwhore of a bull rider and his physical therapist finding romance unexpectedly.

Blake is a hotshot bull rider who likes to buck broncos on and off the rodeo circuit, if you catch my drift. *saucy wink* He has a career ending injury and is in the hospital for some time. While recuperating he meets sexy, big bull of a physical therapist with a sweet snarky side named Ivan. The two don't hit it off immediately which I enjoyed! In fact, Blake gets a boyfriend in an "ambulance chaser" named Jake.


The matchy names aside, their sex interludes were interesting. See, Blake has ED while recuperating-he is in a wheelchair and braces. His leg is broken, he has PTSD from the accident. He also has impotency issues during this time. Reading sex scenes with floppy, flaccid...penis was different. I couldn't stop the images of uncooked chicken franks, drooping in the moist wind in my head when the floppy scenes happened. (My mind is a fun place) Thankfully, the floppy hot dog gets back in action...with the right man!


This was a decent read. Nothing too crazy to rock the boat...safe? Probably. The beginning was a little confusing and there was one sentiment that gave me pause - Blake's theory of bottoming. Getting to know Blake on the surface (there's not much depth), it fits his character. *tilts head* Mmmyeah. It might be more of a me thing, so I won't delve into it.


The sex varied. I liked the details when Blake was in the wheelchair. He didn't just jump into crazy hot ass pounding. His muscle spasms and frustration throughout the book was great. What I loved the most: the banter between Ivan and Blake. Their bond was believable - good patient/practioner, great friends and thoughtful lovers.


And when they had sex? It was a little spicy vanilla. Who doesn't like a faint taste of orgasm denial, cuffs and face fucking? Would I have liked a stronger kink presence? I 'll never say no but the tone fit the MC. I hope the author plans on trying out BDSM - Ivan had solid components to make a Dom.


I liked the way it ended. Sweet-ish without the sugar high. I'd read more from this author. If you want to read a light angst, cowboy hurt/comfort, this might be up your alley.

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