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TT Kove – The Huntress (Legend and Lore #3)

The Huntress (Legend & Lore) - TT Kove

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: FF Fantasy


Review: In this novella we meet Liv, a princess with magical powers who wants nothing to do with the arranged marriage her parents are planning for her. She feels betrayed that her familiar, Bas, knew about the marriage and didn’t tell her. She feels everyone at court is “so formal, so phony with their friendliness, wanting to get close to the princess.” She is out among the commoners and her aim is to live a “normal, hard-working life.” Kudos to Liv for knowing what she wants.

When Liv is saved from a lindworm by the sword of Amala, things begin to take shape for her. She wants to make a difference, be inspired by something other than the pageantry of court and definitely not marry someone she doesn’t know and produce babies.

The tale of Amala and Liv is a bit simple but it is a fairy tale sort of thing, after all. Spending a life defending people from lindworms is a far cry from a princess. She does the honorable thing by Bas, by her parents and by Amala, who is very upset at the secret Liv kept from her.

I enjoyed this short tale and wish Liv a happy life among the villagers and the lindworms.

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