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Jamie Dean – The Story of Jax and Dylan

The Story of Jax and Dylan - Jamie Dean

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: When Dylan is heading into the big open world of Facebook, he’s not really sure of what he’s doing. He’s being led through the maze by his brother, Thomas, (who I loved) who now lives a few states away and assures Dylan this is a great way to keep in touch. While he’ on there, Dylan starts looking up old friends. This includes his old best friend, Jax. Jax and Dylan ended their friendship ten years ago on less than ideal terms but Dylan has always wanted a chance to apologize. When Jax accepts the Facebook request, it’s a chance for both of them to put the past behind them and maybe be friends again.

Jax and Dylan pick up as friends and I liked how they fell back into easy companionship. Dylan doesn’t get along with Jax’ girl friend, Poppy, but then she is sort of a witch so who would?

I am usually not a fan of the “big misunderstanding” but the case of Jax’ book was, to me, completely believable. I could see it happening just as it did and how neither would bring it up, not realizing what was happening. Cryptic, that sounds, but I don’t want to spoiler it! The only thing I questioned was why Thomas didn’t say anything after he read the book. He’s so out there with everything most of the time, you’d think he would have.

There isn’t a lot of angst in this story, despite several misconceptions (even the original falling out wasn’t what either of them thought it was). The characters are interesting on their own, with Poppy adding some needed snark to the whole thing. I enjoyed seeing Jax and Dylan try to find their way back to being friends and then navigate the elephant in the room. I’d like to know what happens with Mike!

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