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Anthology – Romancing Austin -Tall Order by Irene Preston

Romancing Austin: A multi-genre contemporary romance anthology - Evelyn Berry, Riley Bancroft, Jax Garren, Chandra Ryan, Rebecca Royce, Cara Carnes, Cindy Preston-Pile and Irene Woodward

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: Anthology


Review: With this anthology, the stories share a theme of, you guessed it, Austin. I am reviewing only Tall Order by Irene Preston .

I wasn’t sure how to feel about Dylan at first. He is a chef, one who walked away from their relationship eleven months ago to find a bigger, better job in New York. He thought his partner, Aston (Win) would follow him but that didn’t happen. Now he’s back in Austin, working for a caterer he doesn’t respect and runs into his former lover. Aston is an artist, making whimsicle little animals as well as “rockers gotta have them” guitars. He’s successful now, while Dylan is at the end of his rope. “..No car, no job and acting like he had no family.”


I had to laugh when Dylan claims they never broke up (after eleven months of not talking to each other) because neither of them actually said the words. He’s trying, that one. I felt like Dylan had good intentions but the execution and the whole idea was terrible. Ophelia, the restaurant owner who gave Dylan his big break, apparently thought similar. “The job was a career move. But hon, I can’t forgive what you did to Win.”


Win is a 6’7” shy, gentle giant and I could see why Dylan wanted to take care of him. I couldn’t understand the whole “not a break up” thing and I wanted Win to make him work a little harder at forgiveness before being friends again because Win deserved it, but I also felt the second chance was earned by the end.

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