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Dirk Greyson – Day and Knight

Day and Knight - Dirk Greyson

Reviewer: Victoria

Genre: M/M Military


Review: Dayton “Day” Ingram is a former member of the NSA and now works for Scorpion as a technical analyst. Day wants to work in the field and a chance encounter gives him the opportunity he longs for. He is paired with a man who worked in research and does not seem to want to work on the current mission. He can find little information on the man despite being a technological wizard.


Knighton “Knight” lost his wife and child to a brutal killer. Their loss has left him broken inside. He drank to escape the pain but that did not work and he is sober now. He does not want to take the current mission but agrees to it. He has an attitude that he has to “show” the newbie to the field how it’s done.

The connection between Day and Knight is intense. I loved that Day kept surprising Knight over and over again. While both were in the closet the clicked in a way neither seemed to expect or even look for. I loved how they learned to trust each other in the end.


I found this book well written with an interesting plot. I enjoyed how the author incorporated romance and action in realistic and believable way. The main characters and the secondary characters were well fleshed out. This book is filled with so many twists and turns it was hard to predict the ending. I had a hard time putting this book down. Overall, this was a very captivating book and I hope to see these characters again in the future.

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