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Megan Derr -Dance in the Dark (Dance with the Devil, #2)

Dance in the Dark - Megan Derr

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal



I was very surprised when this series didn't continue on with Chris as the MC, since the first book was more UF than PNR, and that is the trend in UF. But I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Again, it is set up as several case, although this book actually does a better job than the first of tying them all together.


It took a little while to warm up to Johnny, or rather, get a feel for him. He is kind but uses arrogance to cover for insecurity. I enjoyed watching him grow and open up more as the book went on. I could not for the life of me figure out who the hell the love interest was going to be, as it took a while to develop. Even when it finally reared it's head, there was a lot of mystery surrounding it. The reader is slowly given more information, although by the time all is revealed I'm sure almost everyone (except Johnny) has figured it out.


Wonderful secondary characters, such as Antonio. I think Johnny gets more of a sense of this by the end, but I do wish he and Antonio had had a more clear conversation in which Johnny was forced to admit out loud that his father truly loves him just as much as a biological son. I would have liked more development from Elam's character, although I guess brothers will be brothers.


Once Phil makes an appearance the timeline becomes questionable for a minute or two, but it works itself out pretty quickly. Basically, this takes place about 10 years after Phill's appearance in book 1.


A great continuation to the series, and I've enjoyed the format so far. Again, the narrator does a wonderful job and this series works well in audio version.


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