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Sue Brown – In-Decision (Left at the Crossroads #2)

In-Decision (Left at the Crossroads Book 2) - Sue Brown

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Jason’s life has been turned upside down with the loss of his love in a car accident. It’s been eighteen months and Jason is trying to move on. Since there is nothing for him but sad memories and friends who deserted him, he is going for a complete fresh start in Little Mowbury. His interview at the pub turns into a “practical interview”, so basically he’s hired on the spot. This is his introduction to the warm, close atmosphere of Little Mowbury.

Meeting the local midwife, Tom, brings some peace and calm. We met Tom in the first story in this series (Un-expected) and he was treated sort of poorly by someone he loved so I’m very glad we get to see him get his story here. Tom is a sweet, laid back sort of guy and as he and Jason get to know each other, they support each other very well. There is no insta-love here. Jason has guilt and love for his late husband and Tom has some history of his own. But as they become friends, there is definitely lust involved. Tom doesn’t pressure Jason and Jason soaks up the ability to be with someone.

I liked the instant acceptance of Jason by Tom’s friends, Harry and Micah. Sitting around with them while they tell stories of Tom was such a nice, normal thing for Jason. This becomes a friends to lovers story and I liked that aspect very much. Tom’s easy support of Jason as memories blindside him show the quiet strength of Tom. Jason’s trying so hard to move on but as anyone suffering a loss knows, it’s difficult. Jason has a secret, as well, and this makes things more complicated. You want to hug Jason when he has to deal with Celia.

I did wonder what happened with the break in at Harry and Micah’s cottage? The story behind this wasn’t addressed fully. This part felt a bit distracting to me.

The setting of this series, Little Mowbury, is nearly a character in and of itself. There is so much depth to this little village and you can visualize it so well. It’s a lovely place to live and I so want to see it.

I enjoyed this story, which was smooth, sweet and a bit angsty.

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