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Elizabeth Lister – A Numinous Light

A Numinous Light (The James Lucas Series Book 3) - Elizabeth Lister

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M BDSM


Review:   This was the ending readers have been wanting for James, Tate, and Sebastian.


It was sex that brought these men together and over the years they've explored and grown. There are engaging and loving scenes throughout the story. Starting with a lovely visit from the charming Etienne whom we met in The Cross and the Trinity. Still needy and hungry to be filled, and Tate's still as eager to play with it all when James, Sebastian and he have finished. And all the scenes have that thoughtfulness to them, but something's missing. It's told from Tate's first person point of view, but still manages to feel distant, like you're being kept at arm's length. Then there's the actual plot.

Food, sex, drama... food, sex, drama... food, sex, drama...

1,2,3 1,2,3 yes, we're waltzing.


Food, there's food in every scene, very domestic and charming, but not exactly riveting. I actually think the representation of kinky people as domestic and not always being "on' is incredibly relevant and interesting, but not like this. I can tell you what everyone ate and drank and it felt cluttered with too much minutiae.


Also, because of an odd twist to promote a new personal storyline for the men, a few character entrances or exits seemed to be stretching probable. You don't ask someone who just met a person weeks ago to help select a wedding present when you've known them for years or decades. No. Even better, they're the giftee's personal shopper--Huh?


Of course, the play scenes were lovely, and featured a broad range of interests: cum play, fisting, rope bondage, plugs, chastity, spanking, enema play--kinky and more unique take than usual, puppy play, crop, strap, anal hook, and paddling. Sebastian has some nice moments as Blue. Tate gets to stretch his switch tendencies, and James--well that is very interesting.This was hinted at in Beyond the Edge and then ignore during the second, so I was not surprised, but pleased to see its reappearance:

“Well, maybe James has more sub leanings than we thought.”


The rom-com wedding scene ending just added to how surreal and ungrounded the events in the story felt.


Overall, polyamory, kink, and love are woven into sweet, domestic bliss.

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