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Andrew Grey – A Chaotic Range (Range Series #7)

A Chaotic Range (Stories from the Range Book 7) - Andrew Grey

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Cowboy


This is the seventh in the range series, which I’ve enjoyed immensely, but the first audiobook I’ve listened to in this series. Listening to audio gave voice to many of the characters I had come to know, and I found that it reinforced my view of a few characters and simply added to my enjoyment of the whole series.


This story features David, the man who broke Mario’s heart when he left him years ago and returned six months previously to find that Mario had found the love of his life in the intervening years. David’s been at loose ends all this time, not making peace with Mario, and still thinking about what could have been. He’s working on Haven and Phillip’s part of the ranch because Wally and Dakota felt it was better to have him away from Mario and his new partner, Gordon.


David and a group of men are out patrolling the ranch when they discover a car ditched in a snowbank during a particularly bad snowstorm. The man inside, Brian Applewright, was trying to find shelter and lost his way as his car ran out of gas. He’d been fired from the ranch he previously worked at, ostensibly because he was stealing things, but in reality it was because he was gay and he was set up.


Once they get him back to the ranch, David and Brian discover that they attended high school together and they’re immediately drawn to each other. They begin a tenuous relationship, one that is shattered when David hears the rumors about Brian and blindly believes them.


David has to find the answers within himself before he can go forward with proving to Brian that he is worthy of Brian’s trust again, and the surprising ally he finds backing him makes the story all the more endearing.


This story is fairly simple, without any major drama. I enjoyed this one, and I honestly hope the series continues because I’ve come to enjoy Wally and Dakota and their gay and not-so-gay ranch-hands with all their life dramas.


Andrew McFerrin did a great job with the vocalizations, providing a different tone for each character. Some of the voices were exactly what I would picture for the character, others were a surprise. I would recommend this story in this audiobook format since it’s fairly short and easy listening.

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