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Mell Eight – Dragon’s Hoard – Stealing the Dragon (#3)

Stealing the Dragon - Mell Eight

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal


I wasn't as in love with the previous book, but the series picked back up again here. A very different and interesting story. It was nice to see how Jerney understood Tori even when his own uncle did not. Because Torr is basically a baby dragon (even though he is 17), there is no sex in this book, but I enjoyed watching their friendship develop. The story itself was as enjoyable as the 'romance', and I liked following what was happening with Jerney and his family.


This series continues to work in audio format. I liked all the voices, Tori came across as young and naive which completely worked with his character. It was great watching him discover new things and accidentally wreak havoc left and right. Excited for book 4!

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