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Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden and Kim Fielding – Claw (Gothika #3)

Claw - Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Paranormal



Overall rating would be 3.5 stars


Isolation by Jamie Fessenden (P. 8-53) - 2.75 stars This story was okay, but probably my least favorite of the three (which I hate saying, because I love Jamie Fessenden). I think the reasons were 1) I didn't like Sean all that much 2) I didn't think there was any valid change that would justify when Jack went from "no, we can't" to "sure, why not" 3) the happy ending took until the very end and 4) it's an alternative happy ending which sometimes works for me, I appreciated the twist but I guess I would have liked to get to actually see the final reconciliation and not just have it alluded to with a sort-of cryptic non-ending.


Transformation by Kim Fielding (P. 55-118) - 3 stars I liked this story. Enjoyed watching Orris grow and change, and appreciated the 'wild' aspect of the shifter(s). The things that kept it from being a 4 star read for me were 1) a little too much time spent with Orris and Samuel tending the farm. While I liked this aspect, it made up too large a part of the story. And 2) the resolution. I'm not really sure why Orris couldn't have it all, and he seemed too changed in the Epilogue.


Lastly... on the one hand, I appreciate the magical quality to Orris's discovery. It was interesting to see him pick up on things and change slightly, showing an understanding of things that he hadn't previously. However, on the other hand, being the modern girl that I am, I couldn't help but think "communication!" Is there some reason we can't actually talk about this, it seemed like shifter-who-shall-not-be-named. Why with the vagueness? But again, it did make things more dramatic.


The Black Dog by Eli Easton (P. 120-201) - 4 stars What a beautiful story. I was honestly kept guessing the entire time as to the nature of the myth. Is it real or fantasy? Is it a person or an animal?


I enjoyed watching Hayden and Simon develop a friendship, and then more. Even though it was slow, it felt like the right pace. And even though chronologically it probably happened fast, it didn't feel rushed.


I also love hearing the Scottish brogue in my head as I read, although I wish the author would have written the accent phonetically to ensure we were reading the pronunciation properly. It was done on a few words, and really read wonderfully.

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