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Mell Eight – Dragon’s Hoard Breaking the Shackles (#2)

Breaking the Shackles - Mell Eight


Genre: M/M Paranormal


Good, but not as many feelz as the first. I'm not sure why this one didn't hit as hard as the others. Part of it was that I liked the addition of Baine, but felt he got shafted. Despite loving romances, I didn't appreciate that the 'mate'/lovers relationship took precedence over siblings and despite having been searching for years, Baine is simply supposed to get over it since they have mates now. I wish a better compromise could have been reached.


I wanted this to be a story about Lane and Baine, as much as it was about Lane/Reese and Baine/Don. I also didn't get a sense of their relationships progressing, the way I had in book 1 with Leon and Nyle. In all books of this series there is somewhat of an inst-love component since the dragon's know immediately if something(one) is in their hoard, and of course werewolves know their mates immediately. But in book 1 we saw some actual relationship development after the insta-love got it's hooks in. Here, Lane was resistant due to his shackles, then they came off and he was all about Reese. Bain was resistant to Don due to wanting to focus his attentions on his brother and reconnect with him, than the floodgates opened and he was fine with it. A little too much tell and not show with regards to their feelings.


Even though this book was not my favorite in the series (I have since gone on and loved book 3), it still works as an audio book. I like this narrator and think he does a good job with the characters in this world

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