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Nicola Cameron – Assassin (Planet Alpha #9)

Assassin (Planet Alpha Book 9) - Nicola Cameron

Reviewer: SheReadsAlot

Genre: M/M Paranormal

3.75 Hearts


Review:   Assassin, Book #9 from the Planet Alpha series, is a hot little sci-fi/ post-apocalyptic menage featuring one lucky human mercenary named Duncan Shea and two different alien breeds- demonic-like Alphan named Taric and the ever changing skin colored Xyran assassin, Zhan. Set on planet post apocalyptic Earth, humanoid Alphans have made a treaty with Earth for females who can breed since Alphan is running women scanty. You know this trope. I know this trope. Apparently, I'm still a fan of this trope. But instead of MF, it's MMM! This can be read as a standalone.


Duncan Shea is a bi watchman/soldier who has been injured while out in the field. It's raining buckets and he's weakening. Luckily there is a alien couple with a safe ship to camp out in. Except the alien couple (whose races are enemies) recognize Duncan as their bondmate.


Taric is 6'6", a sweet Alphan with golden skin, eyes, horns and a protective side who likes to bottom (SCORE for big-guy-bottoming aficionados) and fangs. Zhan is taller, a trained assassin with chameleon like skin and a love of penetrating butt virgins. And fangs. And snarky. Zhan appeased my smartass side. As a couple they worked. When Duncan was introduced, it took me a few minutes to get into it but got into it, I did.

Hot man loving! This was a bit of brain candy that I need at the moment, easy, light suspense, a cool back story and decent characters.


Was the story perfect? Nope:


"Reassured, Duncan teased and rubbed the tight iris, feeling it relax. He eased his finger in completely, astounded by the heat of Taric's body."


Iris might be a new euphemism for anus that I haven't read about yet, but I'm not a fan of it. It still reminds of an eye. A couple of other minor hiccups in the story but overall, this was a hot little number.


Hot sex, a couple of laughs, light suspense with a brief kidnapping and minor action. Expect an hour or two of reading of easy reading from this one.

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