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Stormy Glenn – Vampire’s Assistant

The Vampire's Assistant - Stormy Glenn

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre: M/M Paranormal


While Stormy Glenn will not will any Pulitzers for her work, I still find her writing style to be inventive and humorous. This one is no exception, as it is a story of insta-love and a fairly commonplace storyline. That being said, I still found it to quite enjoyable and found myself laughing more and more as I read along.


Jon Brighten is not your typical “damsel in distress”. He is a human who has been down on his luck. By chance, performing a good deed results in him being introduced him to this soul mate.


Nicholas Vaile thought his biggest problem was a group of rogue vampires trying to create chaos in his coven. Little did he know, his biggest challenge would come walking through the door looking for a job.


The chemistry between Nicholas and Jon is nice touch that adds a bit of romance to the plot. But the true source of entertainment in this story comes from the interaction between Jon and Nicholas’s second in command, Louis. The dialogue is full of witty banter between Louis and Jon. The secondary characters are a refreshing addition to this story.


I would recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a happily ever after with a good dose of humor.

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