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Parker Williams – Storming Love: Bear & Travis

Bear & Travis: One Storm:Twelve Men (Storming Love Book 3) - Parker Williams

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Bear and Travis are both vets who haven’t yet met in person but have developed a great friendship online and over the phone. When there is a threat of hurricane near Travis, the first thought was to the animals who would be abandoned in the storm. Storms in general demand respect but a hurricane requires nothing less than your full diligence. But what do you do when you are the only vet in an area about to be devastated? That’s the dilemma facing Travis (and his daughter, Tina) when Lauris hits.

As a dedicated animal lover, I completely understood why Travis wanted to save them all and yet I appreciated that the author doesn’t sugar coat the horror that hurricanes bring about. As a veterinarian he believes himself even more responsible for the care but it is a sad fact that they can’t all be saved. They did everything they could and I loved that he instilled that responsibility to animals in his daughter.

Bear has come to care for the man he hasn’t yet met and wants Travis and Tina, as well as as many animals as possible, to be safe through the storm. So he heads their way, not above pulling a little subterfuge to gain access to the area. The three of them try to make plans to save the animals but the storm is not to be denied. I’ll admit, I loved that while Travis is a great animal surgeon but can’t stand the sight of his own (or Tina’s) blood. Again, this is no superhero and everything is awesome story. It’s more the three of them trying their best to battle the storm.

Shout out to Mr. Williams for making them vegheads, by the way! And I really, really need a decompression room like they have. I liked this story for its realistic portrayal of an overwhelming natural event and for the lack of sugar coating. Tina is a strong 14-year-old (although really, I wish they had waited for sex until she wasn’t present) and the fact that she “worshipped the ground Travis stumbled over” made her even more likeable. As for Bear and Travis, I liked that they were friends first and knew enough to realize, life is unpredictable. You need to go for it.

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