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Joy Lynn Fielding – Blowing Off Steam

Blowing Off Steam - Joy Lynn Fielding

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Ryan, the rich kid new caretaker of Old Bess, and Sam, the trainspotter nerd, should not be as good together as they are. But, yes, they are. While Ryan came across sometimes as cocky and spoiled, Sam would have made the whole book worth reading on his own. I loved him, hanging out with the over 70 crowd and doing everything the way Uncle Ken did, just because that’s how he’s always done it. And when he finally gets the nerve to try something (because of a comment by the amazing and “I want to be her when I’m 90” Mrs. Verity), it doesn’t go as he planned and yet it’s a start. “…and it was all Sam could do not to cartwheel down the platform.” Adorable. He’s a virgin, added bonus! Sex here is written well and burning hot.

I’m not going to lie - I loved Mabel. Just the whole idea, because that happens in my house too, except no one ever thought to start googling spider life spans.

It's the trainspotter geek and the rich daddy's boy.  There is more to the story than just a nerd and the rich boy, however. The conflict between Ryan and his father, or more specifically Ryan and what his father expects, causes difficulty, as well as a mystery involving Bess herself. Still and all, there isn’t a ton of angst here. It’s a light story for the most part and the trainspotting is a character unto itself. I learned something new and that was a positive. I thought the story was sweet and the characters very likeable.

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