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Cherie Noel – Sam & Patric (Storming Love Flood)

Sam & Patric (Storming Love Series Flood Book 6) - Cherie Noel

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: When Sam’s Maman and sister, Del, set out to do a good deed, i.e. make Sam’s life miserable, they book him on a hiking tour, something he loves to do. Unfortunately, the tour guide is the same man who seven years ago callously broke Sam’s heart when he slept with him and then disappeared, never acknowledging Sam again even when they passed each other on the street.

The writing in this story just worked so well for me. Even though it is a story of a storm and a jilted man, there were descriptions that just made me laugh, such as when Sam is waking up the day of his trip, “Sometime around the musky taint of dawn – Lord knows it wasn’t even late enough to be the next day’s asscrack…” I’ve had days that early and that is the perfect way to describe it!

I respected Sam even more when, despite the huge attraction between them, he tells Patric “..he couldn’t jump in like the last seven years of heartache never happened …” because, really, you can’t put it aside so simply no matter what the reason behind the actions.

My only nit-pick about this is that while Patric explains what happened when he returned from the Army, he never explains why he left to join up without telling Sam in the first place.

This novella has the storm in it but this time, the focus is much more on the brokenness between Sam and Patric. The storm adds the backdrop but it’s the interaction between these two that is the main focus.

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