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Caraway Carter – Hawaiian Trunks

Hawaiian Trunks - Caraway Carter

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: During the five years Toby has been houseboy and then lover to Clay and Colin, he thought things were just as they should be. Until, that is, C&C go to Hawaii to get married and Toby realizes that things change. I get that they are at their wedding and on their honeymoon but the way C&C behaved really made me think Toby was just a houseboy and a convenient third.

Toby, however, I liked very much. He sees the change: “For the first time in five years, it wouldn’t be “we” but “they”. It was so sad but it made him think. They had all planned the wedding together but “we had never planned for “after”. How can he help but think he’s not really part of them.

After a teary time to himself, he returns to the wedding and meets Wolff, the bartender although not much happens then, due to interruption by C&C’s friend, Jake. It sort of for Toby that he wanted more than bed-hopping.

This is a short story so I don’t want to give away the thing but I wanted so much for Toby. Hopefully Wolff can be that. Hopefully Wolff gets to smack Jake at some point, just for idiocy. As for Toby, I’m glad he took a chance.

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